Our ranks are:
KOer-Lowest in the group, don't have many priviledges.
Ownzer-Second in group, they have experience, but not that much.-Unlock:500 KOes
Builder-Builds things and gives me ideas on what to construct in the IPWN Base.-Unlock:100 Place Visits
Recruiter-Recruits people to join.-Unlock:Friends=50
SuperPwnzer-OMG AHH! ITS A SUPER PWNZER! They're killer, watch out!-Unlock:2,500 KOes
VIP-Very important pwnzor, he is very important, and he is a pwnzor, so he is a very important pwnzor...-Unlock:Elected based on KOes, Friends, and Place Visits.
Vice Killer Pwnzor-He helps me, he recruits, he builds, and more... Only given to who I TRUST.-Unlock:Trust
Killer Pwnzor-Thats me, KIKI. I killer pwnz :D I have been retiring but I MIGHT come back. I'm still the leader, but have fun!